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12.31.21 - 3:31 PM
Dear HYA Basketball Families,
First and foremost, HYA Basketball would like to thank you for your patience and understanding with all of the issues we have faced so far this season. All of our volunteer coaches have also been incredibly flexible and stayed positive in order to give our kids an opportunity to play this season and deserve some recognition.  While the season is not what most of us envisioned, every time they get to take the court for a practice or a game is one more step towards normalcy for our kids.
That said, with Covid-19 numbers increasing, the HYA would like to clarify our policies:
  1. If a player tests positive, they are out of HYA Basketball play for 10 days. Even though there are new CDC guidelines regarding length of isolation periods, they do not account for playing without masks at The Rim Sports Complex or The Sports Barn. With that in mind, players should not return to practice or games until 10 days after their initial symptoms or positive test result, whichever is first.
  2. We ask that any player who tests positive informs their coach immediately, who will then pass on the information (w/o player’s name) to the rest of the team. The coach will also inform the team if any further action is required in consultation with HYA basketball.
  3. All players need to be masked at ALL times for any practice held in school. While not required at The Rim or The Sports Barn, players are certainly allowed to wear masks during practices and games. We would encourage players to have masks on while entering The Rim and The Sports Barn and to strongly consider wearing a mask while on the bench.
We will certainly encounter more changes of game schedules and issues with Covid for the remainder of the season. Hopefully, by all being on the same page, we can limit the impact it has on our kids’ season and well-being.
Thank you and Happy New Year!
Adam Edgar
HYA Basketball Commissioner

11.12.21 - 12:59 PM
Hello HYA Basketball Coaches!
It was good to meet face to face on Monday - THANK YOU ALL for making the time to be there and for committing to coach this year. Four things I wanted to circle back to:
  1. When playing at Hampton Academy or Marston School, ALL PLAYERS & COACHES must be in masks at all times. At the school board meeting, HYA Basketball gave our word that players and coaches would be fully masked, and our continued use of the facilities depends on everyone following that basic rule. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. Also, a friendly reminder that there are cameras in the facilities and that school officials will likely be checking to ensure that we are holding up our end of the bargain.
  2. It was also stipulated that parents are NOT allowed to stay during practice when held at Marston or Hampton Academy.
  3. When playing at the The RIM or the The Sports Barn, we will be following THEIR guidelines.  Currently masks are NOT required (but players are welcome to wear them).  This may lead to confusion and some apprehension for some.  PLEASE address it in an email to your team before the 1st practice so that everyone is properly aware.
  4. Lastly, if you still need to complete the Background Check, the Abuse Prevention Training (both good for two years) and the CDC Heads Up Concussion Training BEFORE THE 1st PRACTICE.  Refer to earlier emails for instructions.
Thank you!

9.26.21 - 6:59 PM

To All HYA Soccer Families & Coaches,

We wanted to let you know that there has been a positive COVID case with a participant in HYA Soccer this past Saturday (9/25).  All affected parties have been notified directly and they are following SAU90 COVID exposure policies:

We want to remind all participants to still abide by proper cleaning and self-screening practices (see link above for reference). To support this effort:

  • Please thank your opponent for good play with a team applause instead of lining up and shaking hands.
  • Please use kick-ins instead of throw-ins on the sidelines. 
  • Parents will not be allowed to stand on the same side of team benches during play.
  • Use of hand sanitizer post-game is recommended.
  • If not feeling well (parent, player, coach) please do not attend practice or game.

We ask you to stay vigilant and please do not hesitate to communicate with HYA Soccer for anything at

Thank you all for your support!

Team HYA

3.16.21 - 10:45 PM

Hello Boys U14 families,

Unfortunately, a team member who attended last night’s practice tested positive today for Covid.  Per NH Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) guidance and HYA Riptide Lacrosse policy, we are required to halt play for the U14 boys and coaches for 10 days from the date of exposure, allowing return to activity on Thursday, Mar 25. We ask that your son quarantines at home until then – I have attached a table from the NH DHHS to help guide you with quarantining decisions.  Your practice scheduled for Sunday, Mar 21, will be cancelled, and we look forward to getting your boys safely back to action on Sunday, Mar 28. Coaches will be in touch with changes to preseason plans, if any.

This is of course not the way we wanted to start the season, but the Riptide board and coaches will continue to do all we can to have a safe and full season for the boys.

Thank you for your understanding,

Stacy Kinnaly

President, HYA Riptide Lacrosse

1.12.21 - 8:40 AM

11.28.20 - 1:09 PM
Hello all,
I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday!  I wanted to let you all know that we have received the all clear to resume softball operations as everyone in this specific possible exposure group has tested negative.  With this said we will resume optional training on Saturday Dec 5th with our normal 14U and 16U groupings, THERE IS NO TRAINING THIS TUESDAY 12/1.
Thanks to all that reached out on the new Mass travel restrictions, I have spoken with the ownership of The Sports Factory and in their conversations with MA state health officials nothing has changed for their facility.  I have also poured through the Mass website and the travel restriction exemptions and while none of their language speaks to club sports specifically, my interpretation is that same day in/out travel for specific weekly programs is included in their exemption lists.  That said I will leave you all to make your own interpretations and will not penalize any players based on those interpretations.  If we are able to define this any further downstream I will absolutely keep you all in the loop.
Enjoy this brief break in our program as the real work starts in just over 1 month, hopefully we will have a spring and summer full of competitive softball! Also remember that the folks at The Sports Factory can take care of any Warrior Swag needs you may have, once we get all tuitions caught up we will be able to get the team sweatshirts on order and lock in some summer tourneys.   
Have a great week!

11.20.20 - 9:25 PM
Hello All,
I am sending this email out to inform you that a colleague of mine has potentially been exposed to Covid-19.  Per protocol I am officially pausing both the 14U and 16U softball programs until the all clear is given, I expect this process to take upwards of 2 weeks while the folks involved work to contain any possible spread. 
With the Thanksgiving holidays right around the corner I hope you all enjoy the time with your families and friends.
Thank you all for your continued support, stay safe and healthy.
Chris Snow
HYA Softball Commissioner
Seacoast Warriors

11.11.20 - 4:56 PM

Dear HYA Families,
We regret to inform you that the 2020-2021 HYA Basketball season has been suspended. The SAU 90 School Board decided that to best serve the community and protect the integrity of their hybrid model, they will not let any outside groups into their buildings until January 19th at the earliest. The HYA leadership understands that this was a difficult decision to make, and while we are disappointed for the kids, we respect the school board’s effort to keep our children safe.
Our volunteer staff worked hard to get this season up and running for our kids.  We ask for your patience as our incredible IT volunteers work to get refunds to families. Thank you to all the parents and community members who volunteered to make this season a success - we will build on this for the future. 
Should decisions be reversed, or HYA Basketball is allowed access inside SAU90 gyms come mid-January, the possibility of a season will be reassessed. IF a season is feasible then a NEW registration process will commence
Team HYA

11.10.20 - 10:36 AM
Hi All,
I would like to clarify something.  The child I mentioned on the Sat ride WAS exposed to a COVID positive individual but not the same individual that was mentioned by SAU90
In the end the path forward remains the same.
Apologies for the confusion!
Ride On,
Jonathan Ruffus
HYA Biking- Licensed & Insured through USA Cycling #17404

11.10.20 - 10:12 AM

Hi Everybody,

SAU90 sent out a notice yesterday of a child from Marston School with a positive COVID test. I was alerted by one of the parents from the 5th grade ride on Saturday that their child was exposed to the child who tested positive. The child was exposed to this child prior to the ride on Saturday. 

They indicated to me that their child will not return to the ride until 11/28 and is under quarantine. We will send out another note if the child that was on the ride tests positive for COVID. As of now there has not been a positive test.

Nothing will change from the ride perspective as of now but we will monitor the situation.  A large reason we brought this program is that we are outside, we are wearing masks and we are 6 feet apart.  Our risk of transmission is about as low as it gets and our practices falls outside of what the CDC defines as "close contact". This is very different than some other sports that have been affected by COVID where there is a well-defined close contact exposure risk.  

I will send out a note with any updates.

Ride On,

Jonathan Ruffus
HYA Biking- Licensed & Insured through USA Cycling #17404

10.20.20 - 10:25 PM

HYA Soccer will resume play starting tomorrow, October 21.

Thank you for your patience as we assessed the risk and worked through the process of ensuring your safety to the best of our abilities.  

Coordinators and coaches will be in touch with additional information and any schedule modifications to your respective divisions.

Here are a few important reminders and new initiatives:

  • We are asking all coaches to wear a mask to the greatest extent possible  

  • Spectators also need to wear masks and keep 6 feet. Please limit spectators.

  • Players need to wear a mask to and from the fields at a minimum and are welcome to wear a mask while playing if families want them to

  • Kelly Martin, HYA Soccer Commissioner, is the point person for you to contact if your child is suspected or confirmed of having Covid-19. Email:

  • Players need to wait in their cars with guardians until just before the beginning of a practice, warm-up, or game, instead of arriving early

  • Players need to use hand sanitizer before entering the field, after all water breaks, before and after playing goalie and when they leave the field


Thanks again for your cooperation!  

Kelly Martin

HYA Soccer Commissioner

10.18.20 - 10:41 PM

Dear HYA Families,

We continue to be challenged with local cases of COVID-19 and although it is not reported that any HYA soccer participants are positive at this time, we believe it is in our community's best interest to pause our season again.  Thuswe have decided to temporarily suspend the HYA Soccer season.  We will reevaluate every couple of days and plan to communicate again late Tuesday evening.

Our decision was made to ensure that the Hampton Youth Association continues to put the safety of our athletes, coaches, officials and families first.  At this time, no soccer players are being asked to quarantine and/or get tested. In the event that any specific information comes forth indicating this to be the case,  we will let those individuals and/or teams know.  

Please email the HYA soccer commissioner ( if your child has Covid-19 or has had close contact with someone who is positive or suspected of having Covid-19.

We hope you child has enjoyed their time on the field so far this season and hope we are able to resume soon. Stayed tuned and thank you again for your understanding and flexibility.  

Please follow social distancing recommendations (6+ feet and wear a face mask) wherever you are!!

Kelly Martin
HYA Soccer Commissioner

10.18.20 - 8:54 PM

Hello All,

HYA was just made aware that a member of the Coaching Staff has tested positive for Covid-19. The CDC states that if "you were within 6 feet of someone who has COVID-19 for a total of 15 minutes or more" that  you should quarantine, yet it is difficult to manage that  level of contact on an open field between athletes and players. Therefore, we ask that if you or your child came in contact with our Coaching Staff starting Monday-10/12 thru Friday 10/16 to please quarantine for 14 days.  The referenced CDC guidelines can be found here:

The CDC guidelines state if you or your child start coming down with any symptoms.  That you should get tested immediately and if you test positive to please communicate to the people who came in contact with.

It would also be the recommendation of HYA if you have any siblings of your exposed child to also monitor them and limit their exposure to any HYA or community related activities.  This is just a recommendation and not a direction.

Lastly, We understand that this would have been your last week of Field Hockey.  With this said, due to these circumstances we are canceling the final week of the season.  We do hope that you had a great experience and appreciate your flexible and understanding.

Thank you
Team HYA

10.12.20 - 11:54 AM
Dear HYA Families,
Thank you for your understanding and flexibility last week with the decision to temporarily suspend our Fall Sports programs.  We were looking at this situation day-by-day with local, regional and state partners to make a collaborative decision.  
At this time, we are excited to RE-OPEN our sports programs and proceed as scheduled.
With the information and data we received, it appears that all the issues and concerns have been isolated and contained.  The HYA acts with an abundance of caution to ensure that we always protect our athletes, coaches, officials and families to the best of our abilities. We ask families to continue to remain vigilant and adhere to any and all HYA protocol. To reiterate, no one is being asked to get tested or has tested positive for Covid-19 within the HYA.
Thank you again for your understanding as we continue to monitor our situation in the upcoming days, weeks and months. 

10.9.20 - 10:43 AM
Dear HYA Families,

We hope this email finds you and your families healthy and safe. Additionally, we want to thank you for your flexibility and support through this unique time that we are all living through.
With the increased cases of COVID-19 as well as recent local and state data, we have decided to temporarily suspend all of our current HYA Fall Sports. This includes all activities related to Field HockeySoccer and Softball.  
Our decision was made to ensure that the Hampton Youth Association continues to put the safety of our athletes, coaches, officials and families first.  At this time no one is being asked to quarantine and/or get tested, but in the event that any specific information comes forth that says so then we will let those individuals and/or teams know.  
Over the coming days we will continue to update you with any developing information and necessary action. If you have any questions, please reach out to me directly at Jason Leaver @ 603-969-9547. 
Thank you again for your understanding and flexibility.

Team HYA

9.9.20 - 9:18 PM

7.6.20 - 12:34 PM

6.16.20 - 8: 11 AM

We are excited to open registration for HYA Baseball! 
Even more excited that we are offering it FREE of charge!
At this time we are following state and local timelines for re-opening our season and we will be opening registration for all leagues (Pre-K thru Majors).

We will be reviewing these guidelines with all coaches, players and parents before we start our practices. These guidelines are also included within registration for parents to view. 
Please note if you registered previously for our Spring season you will need to register again.
We look forward to starting the season! 
Click HERE to register today!
If anyone has questions or concerns please reach out via email:

6.15.20 - 7:14 PM

6.3.20 - 12:22 PM
Dear Hampton Youth Association Families,
We hope this email find you and your loved ones safe and healthy. 
The HYA Board of Trustees met last night and unanimously decided to restart our baseball program. This is still contingent on the town approving our access to fields. 
Our baseball program will have a slow, phased approach that will adhere to strict safety policies based on localstate and national government guidelines, as well as, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Detailed information, outlined by the HYA Baseball Board of Directors, will be provided by our Baseball Commissioner with the opening of registration. Please be on the lookout for that notice in the coming days. 
Additionally, the HYA Board discussed the Fall sports season (i.e. field hockey, soccer) and have agreed to continue our "wait and see" approach. We will communicate any updates at the appropriate times. 
These are unprecedented times and our community is extremely important to us. We are excited to take this step forward provided it keeps our kids and families safe and healthy.
Thank you for your support!

4.22.20 - 2:22 PM

Dear Hampton Youth Association Families,
In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we hope you and your loved ones are all happy and healthy. 
By now you should have received communication from the Commissioner of your respective HYA Spring sport. Please refer to those emails for sport status and direction. 
Recently, the HYA Board of Trustees approved FULL REFUNDS FOR ALL Spring sport registrants. As an all volunteer organization, please keep in mind that this may take a couple of weeks to process. Refunds will be made back to their original payment source (credit card, bank account, etc.). For those who paid by check, we will re-issue those by mail. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time.
We are hopeful to return to HYA play for the coming Summer and Fall programs and we’ll be sure to continue to communicate updates as needed.
Thank you!

4.16.20 - 10:59 AM
Dear Hampton Youth Association Families,
During these uncertain times we wanted to take a moment to thank our 2020 HYA sponsors. While the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting us in various ways, we didn't want to overlook these local businesses that may be affected. Just as they have chosen to make a positive impact in our community by supporting youth sports, we hope our HYA families choose to return the favor. Many of these organizations remain open. Whether it is ordering a comforting take-out meal or getting services remotely, please consider their business when opportunity arises. 
Please see our dedicated Sponsors webpage for a full list of local businesses that you can take advantage of. Together we can stay positive during this adverse time and together we will be stronger when this is over.
Thank you HYA sponsors and families for your support!

4.8.20 - 12:28 PM
Dear Hampton Youth Association Families,
We continue to hope the best for you and your family's well-being during these adverse times. As mentioned in prior communication, the Board of Trustees held an online virtual meeting last night which resulted in good discussions about our upcoming Spring sports season. We maintain a positive outlook and continue to prepare for some version of sports play when/if the time is right. 
This remains a situation that changes almost daily. For guidance, we continue to monitor the decisions of local, state and federal government, as well as, our local school administrative units and sport governing bodies. The HYA will continue to update you as we learn more and when appropriate.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please stay safe.

4.5.20 - 3:05 PM


The NHYLA Board is working hard to sponsor NHYLA League Games in 2020. The recent extension of remote learning in New Hampshire, through May 4, 2020, will delay the start of the NHYLA Lacrosse League Games. In addition to a ‘delay’, NHYLA will be scheduling league games on Saturdays and Sundays, beginning May 16, 2020.

Anticipated 2020 NHYLA League Game dates are:

Saturday May 16

Sunday May 17

Saturday May 23

Sunday May 24

Saturday May 30

Sunday May 31

Saturday June 7 (make up date for League Games)

Sunday June 8

Festival is Saturday June 13th & 14th at Souhegan High School in Amherst, NH.

3.27.20 - 12:33 PM

Dear HYA Families,

We hope you, all your friends and loved ones are healthy and doing well during this challenging time. The HYA continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and mirror direction from our schools, local and federal government, and governing leagues. As a result, all HYA Sport programs are suspended until May 4th.

The HYA Board of Trustees has a virtual meeting the second week of April where we will be discussing our Spring sports and what our outcomes will be. This includes, but not limited to, refunds if sports are canceled, re-registrations if sports are modified, planning for adjusted schedules, etc...

After our meeting we will update all of you to our decisions and the plan we will follow.

Please use our Feedback button and/or email if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Team HYA


All Spring HYA Sport Programs are suspended until May 4th.


3.25.20 - 6:02 PM


3.21.20 - 11:14 PM


In the best interest of our country, state, local community, local partners, coaches, umpires and most importantly, our employees, players and their families, whose health and safety we are obligated to protect, Cooperstown Dreams Park has determined it is necessary to cancel the 2020 season.

All teams will receive a 100% refund or the option of future participation.

Cooperstown Dreams Park was hoping to avoid this outcome, but it is the only responsible course of action. Like the rest of the nation, we have never experienced anything like this. We know our staff will be resilient and steadfast in its preparation for the 2021 season and that once again the joyous sounds of kids playing the game of baseball at Cooperstown Dreams Park will be heard.


As a result of the cancellation of the 2020 Cooperstown Dreams Park season, the HYA will unfortunately not field a team to represent us this year. For more information and/or questions please email Thank you.

3.20.20 - 11:07 AM


As part of the Town’s response to the COVID 19 threat, all parks, playgrounds, ballfields, rinks, and courts are closed. Physical activities are important so we urge you to walk, hike, run, bike, and play in your yard until the park status changes.


No use of Town of Hampton fields/courts - for practices or games - until further notice.

3.19.20 - 3:14 PM


Important Changes To The 2020 Season

First and foremost, the health and welfare of our NHYLA families, student-athletes and other fans is our priority at NHYLA. The NHYLA Board has been in constant communications as it regards the ‘2020 Coronavirus Pandemic’. NHYLA is taking this issue very seriously.

Cautious containment efforts continue to emerge here in New Hampshire and NHYLA strongly recommends our Towns/Leagues and families follow recommendations from the professionals for the best information.

As of this date, 2020 NHYLA League Games will start Sunday April 26, 2020. There will be 7 NHYLA League Games for each Town/League. Memorial Day Sunday, May 24, 2020, will have a NHYLA League Game.

Anticipated 2020 NHYLA game dates: 4/26; 5/3; 5/10; 5/17; 5/24; 5/31; and 6/7 (with make up date on Saturday 6/6/2020).

League Festival is Saturday June 13th & 14th at Souhegan High School in Amherst, NH.

What should NHYLA Towns/Leagues do in response to the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic?

NHYLA highly recommends each Town/League follow the recommendations of professionals, particularly regarding the rapidly emerging cautious containment efforts. These decisions may also be influenced by your local school district, the facilities where you practice/play games, etc...


Continuing to follow the order that all NH schools are closed through Friday, April 3rd, Riptide practices will only resume after this date. In accordance with NHYLA, first games will now begin Sunday, April 26th. As the situation remains fluid, please stay tuned for further updates. Thank you.

3.15.20 - 4:51 PM

As a result of Governor Chris Sununu's Executive Order issuing remote learning for all NH public K-12 school districts through Friday, April 3, 2020the HYA will halt all of its sport programs through that same date. 

Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience this decision brings, but we hope that it leads to your family, friends and loved ones being safe and healthy. We will continue to communicate updates as needed.

UPDATE: The 'meet & greet' and uniform distribution portion of tomorrow (3/16) night's HYA Riptide Lacrosse Fundraiser at The Community Oven has been cancelled. However, any food orders made between 5 and 9 PM will still benefit the program. Please consider making a take-out order on its behalf. 

Thank you!

Team HYA

3.13.20 - 6:40 PM
Dear Hampton Youth Association Families,
In light of the recent news that SAU90 and SAU21 have decided to suspend all school activities for the next two weeks, the HYA has decided to mirror these decisions and suspend all of its sport programs through March 27th. While we may disappointed by this news, we ask that you respect this difficult decision. For now the situation remains very fluid and we will be sure to provide any updates as needed. Please refer to this dedicated HYA COVID-19 webpage for any specific updates in real time.
We hope that your family, friends and loved ones are safe and healthy now and in the coming weeks!
Thank you.

3.13.20 - 4:28 PM
All HYA Softball activities suspended until further notice.
Good afternoon. Effective immediately HYA Softball is suspended, length of time TBD. There will be NO HYA softball Clinics this evening. We will follow up with more details as they become available. Thank you.

3.13.20 - 10:45 AM

HYA Softball is still on.

Some of you may have received an email (or heard about it) stating that all Play Ball facilities are closed until further notice. This message ONLY pertains to the Northeast Hurricanes organization and the Salem NH and Nashua NH Play Ball facilities.  The Play Ball location in Salisbury is privately owned, operates under its own management and is open for business. Thank you.

3.13.20 - 9:38 AM

HYA Softball is still on.
Our clinics will continue tonight from 5:30 to 8:30 at Play Ball. We at HYA Softball encourage families to make their own decisions on these matters and will support those decisions fully. We will email any future changes to our program as they happen. Thank you.

3.12.20 - 6:14 PM

All HYA Riptide Lacrosse activities postponed until 3.29.20.

Please consider ordering take-out from Community Oven on Monday, 3/16 from 5-9 PM as part of our HYA Riptide Lacrosse fundraiser night. Sit-in, meet & greet and uniform distribution portion cancelled. Thank you.

3.12.20 - 4 PM
Dear Hampton Youth Association Families,
We are all aware of the Coronavirus outbreak that is currently occurring in our country and we hope, first and foremost, that your family, friends and loved ones are safe and healthy at this time.
While this situation is being closely monitored by federal, state and local officials, the HYA has taken the position to mirror the decisions of our local school districts - SAU 90 & SAU 21 - and/or the governing leagues that our programs compete under (i.e. Cal Ripken, NHYLA, etc...). If schools close, so will the HYA. If leagues postpone or cancel, so will the HYA.
In the event that venues close where an HYA event is scheduled, then we will be suspending those events.
UPDATE: Seacoast United suspended for two weeks through March 27th.
  • All HYA Baseball clinics and activities, including ratings this Sunday, are suspended. HYA Baseball will reach out to our baseball families next week with more details.
  • HYA Riptide Lacrosse pre-season Sunday clinics at Seacoast United are canceled until March 29th. HYA Riptide Lacrosse will provide any follow up as to specifics when needed.
We will continue to follow up with communication as needed and as soon as possible when it pertains to the HYA. We want to stay ahead of any concerns that you may have, so if you have a particular questions please contact us at
Thank you,

HYA Sports

Hampton Youth Association - P.O. Box 81, Hampton, NH 03843

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